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    • New for 2008-09!  AP U.S. History Thematic Study Guide (Updated)

      • Contains 90 pages of study guides to help master all the themes you need to know for the exam

      • Effectively addresses themes in the new official AP Course Outline!

      • Indispensible for preparation for the crucial months prior to the AP Exam!

      • Great for studying for unit exams in class!

      • Contains proven study guides that have helped significantly improve student performance on the AP Exam for the past 10 Years!

    • Features for 2008-09 Lecture Notes:

      • All notes available in PDF and Word formats (in addition to original HTML format)!

      • PDF and Word formats allow for perfect printing!

      • Word format allows you to modify the notes!

      • PDF and Word files are formatted for Cornell-style notes!

      • More memory aids to help students remember vital information for essays!

      • Essay Questions in each unit to help you prepare for your unit exams and the AP Exam!

      • Over 400 pages of concise, easy-to-use, and easy-to-print information specifically designed to help students succeed on the AP exam!   

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